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Is this your first time here?

Feel free to contact the Helpdesk on email admin.moodle@upng.ac.pg

There are a few reasons you (student) might not see a course/ list of
courses you are expecting to see orĀ  seeing an empty course when
opening your course . Following are possible reasons.

  • You did not use your ID Number as your username; contact Helpdesk to correct the issue
  • Your teacher is currently working on your course and will have it online once it is ready;
  • Some teachers may choose to not use this Online Learning system and
    some may have chosen not to make it available to you just yet. It's best
    to check with your teacher to find out if there is an online course
    available to you on this platform;
  • You have issues e.g. Missing Courses, Course Variation, Course
    Overload, etc.. check with your school office or the main student admin
    office to verify the issue on the Student Database.

You may wish to re-check these things in resolving the issue.